Who We Are


Who We Are 

Hello, my name is Chuck Swisher, one of the owners of La Morada Mexican Restaurant. The other owners are my parents, Ike and Sue, two of the hardest working people I know and my brother Ken who is forever helping with our construction needs.

No, Swisher is not a Mexican name, so you say, how did a bunch of gringos get into the mexican food business? La Morada Mexican Restaurant opened in February 1983 due in large part to two people and the restaurants they own.They are Omar of Omars Mexican Restarant in west Houston Tx. and Dora of Herberts Taco Hut in San Marcos, Tx. Omar and Dora allowed myself and Sue to work in their kitchens and learn all we could about their recipes and their operation.

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant and without the help of these wonderful people we would not be as succesful as we are today. Behind every business there is always a dream and La Morada is no different. My father Ike had always wanted to open a restaurant...we are still wondering why!

We at La Morada Mexican Restaurant hope that you will visit us at North Mopac and Parmer Ln. and then return to our web page to give us some feedback because we can never know enough about our customers wants and needs.

By the way, La Morada means literally "The Abode" or a place that you might stop temporarily on a journey. We hope you will make that stop often.


The Swisher Family

Call 512-836-6611, or email chuck@lamo.com
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